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Simon Reinsperger

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I am convinced that the trend of artificial intelligence and data-driven decision making will continue to shape our institutions, governments and society. I want to work on this forefront to investigate new areas of usage and innovative applications.


FH Salzburg (2016 - 2019)

Master: Multimedia Technology (Web Engineering)
Courses in Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, etc.
Masterthesis: Improving Neural Machine Translation of Subtitles with Finetuning Passed with Distinction

The master program cares about all things related to building sustainable web applications. This includes courses in modern software development (agile project management, continuous integration, test-driven development, etc.), web technology (advanced concepts of frontend/backend development, advanced databases, etc.) and data analysis (predictive analytics, recommender systems, etc.). During my master program I studied abroad for one semester at the HTW Berlin and took some courses from the business informatics program (data mining, big data analytics and computer vision). My master thesis with the title „Improving Neural Machine Translation of Subtitles with Finetuning“ is an investigation into the state-of-the-art techniques of machine translation and how to apply them for translating subtitles.

FH St. Pölten (2013 - 2016)

Bachelor: Medientechnik (Interaktive Medien)
Courses in Programming, Design, Usability, Data Visualization, etc.
Passed with Distinction

My bachelor program is a broad training into media technology ranging from traditional media, for example TV/radio production and print to interactive media (websites, apps, interactive installations, etc.). I gained a lot and learned programming (Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc.), the basics of software development as well as graphic and screen design and UX/Usability methodologies. At the university I was part of the student representatives, learning additionally how big institutions work and how to organize real-world projects.

GRG1 Stubenbastei, Vienna (2005 - 2012)

Secondary School with focus on languages

I visited a public secondary school with a focus on languages (English, French and Latin). During that time I was very active in several political organizations (Aks, SJ Wien) and student representation. I benefited deeply from these years, due to learning to build and maintain organizational structures and coordinating projects involving multiple people with different interests.


Freelancing Vienna - Oct. 2019 - now

  • Data Science/Analytics/Engineering Services
  • Major Project: Custom Business Analytics Dashboard in R (Shiny)
  • Startup Experience: Marketing (FB Ads, A/B testing), Firebase, Funding

While trying to establish my own business - offering data services - I was working on several Startup ideas. These range from testing vague business concepts via MVPs in the form of landing page tests coupled with FB Ads and split tests, to working on an AI startup in the logistics space. Working on these projects, I learned a lot of skills in working with people, testing ideas and the dynamics of trying create innovation. My freelancing activities were mainly in the area of data analytics for businesses. The biggest project I did was a BI dashboard for SieMatic for providing their merchants with aggregated analytics data from Google Analytics and their CRM. The dashoard was implemented with R Shiny Apps and Google BigQuery.

9fwr/advalyze Working Student - Berlin - Feb. - Sept. 2019

  • Data Scientist for Marketing Agency
  • Web Tracking (Google Tagmanager, Google Analytics, Matomo, etc.)
  • Development of Predictive Models and Data Warehouse Infrastrukture (Snowflake, BigQuery)
  • R (Markdown and Shiny), SQL, Power BI

I was working two days per week as a data scientist for 9fwr and advalyze, an online marketing agency. My tasks were mainly to conceptualize, implement and analyze web and mobile tracking for startups and other established companies. The tools used were Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and R Markdown. Additionally I worked on custom R tools and automated data reports to speed up data analysis. For some clients more advanced data projects were built, like a customer prediction model for an online shop and data warehouse infrastructure with BiqQuery and Snowflake.

Moments Lead Frontend Developer - Salzburg - 2017-2018

  • Student Project during Master Studies
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • Concept, Frontend Architecture (React Native) and Implementation
  • Experience in Agile Project Management, CI/CD, TDD and git

A big part of my master program was working on a mobile application called Moments. Together with three of my colleagues we developed an iOS and Android app that allowed users to share photos. The catch was that sharing only worked when the users were at the same place and once a photo was passed on, it disappeared from the original device. The analogy was having an analog photo. The app was made with React Native and we used modern software development processes like scrum, test-driven development and continuous integration/deployment to ensure a high-quality product. My role was lead frontend developer and I made most of the architectural design decisions.

FH St. Pölten Internship - St. Pölten - 2016

  • Full-Stack Web Development (Node.js, Angular.js, ...)
  • Full Implementation of Research App for ÖBB
  • Work on Context-Based App and Project for HP Enterprise

During my bachelor study I was doing an internship at my university. I worked there as a full-stack webdeveloper. The biggest project was a research application for ÖBB. It was a web application which asked the user in varying time intervals to participate in a concentration exercise to measure exhaustion of workers at the critical control centers of the railway systems. I did the whole implementation of front- and backend myself and was responsible for deployment. Other projects I worked on during that time were a context-based web application and the mobile client for a cloud service of HP Enterprise.

Anne Frank Zentrum Berlin - 2012 - 2013

  • Civilian Service
  • Coaching of teens to become guides for exhibition about Anne Frank

Instead of serving my civilian service in Austria I chose to do Gedenkdienst, a year-long service abroad at institutions working in the area of historic education concerning the Holocaust. I worked at the Anne Frank Zentrum in Berlin. There, I was responsible to organise and carry out coaching days for teens so they could guide peers through the historic exhibition.



R, Python, Tensorflow
D3.js, Shiny
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Segment, Matomo
SQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, Power BI


HTML5, CSS3, SCSS (Sass)
Javascript (React, Angular), Elm
Firebase, Netlify


Ruby On Rails, Node.js, (Sails.js), PHP (Laravel)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Neo4j
Docker, Ansible


FB Ads


German (native), English (excellent), French (B2)

Hobbies & Interests
Board Games, Indoor Farming, The Lean Startup
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